Dow introduces new ultrafiltration modules

Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS), a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, adds that the new DOW IntegraFlo™ ultrafiltration modules have an enhanced design that that is expected to deliver up to 85 percent more flow compared to conventional UF modules, and requires less piping and skid infrastructure to reduce UF system capital expenditure by up to 25 percent. These comparative tests were carried out with a competitive module with 55m2 active area operative at equivalent flux. Available in two sizes, IntegraFlo modules offer design flexibility to suit a wide range of applications including industrial, municipal, seawater desalination pre-treatment and wastewater reuse. The ultra-efficient module design has 85 percent more active membrane area than competitive modules to facilitate higher productivity without an increase in module size or weight. Due to the larger membrane area, fewer modules are required, thus reducing the footprint of the installation by up to 45 percent. “We are excited to provide the industry with a solution that enables plant design to be elevated to the next level of ultrafiltration productivity,” said Rajat Mehta, global product director for Dow Water & Process Solutions. “Dow’s proven, low-fouling, PVDF, outside-in ultrafiltration technology combined with a new, efficient module design can help boost plant efficiency for our customers.” Systems designed with DOW™ ultrafiltration technology use an outside-in flow configuration, which allows for less plugging, higher solids loading, higher flow area and easy cleaning. In addition, such configuration enables the use of air-scour, which boosts cleaning efficiency. Dow’s advanced asymmetric H-PVDF hollow fibre membrane is formed from high-grade polymeric chemicals, PVDF, which offers the best combination of mechanical properties and resistance to chemicals. Its uniform pore size and high pore density enables optimum flow distribution and high permeability. The use of the DOW ultrafiltration membrane ensures that a good barrier is created without sacrificing performance.