Inge provides ultrafiltration technology for Qatari mega project

A mega project to produce municipal drinking water from seawater in Qatar will install Inge® Multibore® UF technology.

The project, which involves expanding the existing Facility D IWWP plant in Economic Zone 3, south of Doha, will require 5500 dizzer XL type modules in a T-Rack® 3.0 configuration, installed in 48 trains of UF racks.

The ultrafiltration (UF) system will provide output capacity of 675 MLD or 148.5 MIGD (178 MGD) as a pretreatment stage for the downstream reverse osmosis stage.

The UF stage is due to come online in September 2020, and the whole plant is expected to be operational by February 2021.

The UF plant will produce drinking water downstream from a huge seawater desalination plant. Kahramaa, the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation, has signed an extended water purchase agreement with the plant’s owner Umm al Houl Power.

Samsung, the lead contractor on the construction project, has commissioned Acciona Agua as a subcontractor for the new desalination facilities. Acciona Agua has already worked with Inge on a number of major projects in Southeast Asia.

The UF plant will produce municipal drinking water not only for the Qatari population, but also in preparation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Qatar.