Water Planet sells MembranePRO Services business

Los Angeles, California-based Water Planet has divested its MembranePRO Services business to a group of private investors.

Arian Edalat PhD, who ran the MembranePRO business since 2011 as VP of Engineering at Water Planet, has been named president and general manager of the new company, which continues to operate under the MembranePRO Services name.

MembranePRO, which is also based in Los Angeles, provides analytical and testing services, custom-engineered water treatment solutions and operational support services worldwide.

“MembranePRO represented Water Planet’s legacy business of selling, operating and servicing water treatment systems. That business gave rise to our IntelliFlux automated control software, and it served as a great proving ground for our PolyCera membranes,” explained Water Planet CEO Eric Hoek.

MembranePRO has completed more than US$7 million worth of water treatment projects with US$13 million booked for the next three years.

“This track record made it viable to spin out as a standalone business under new ownership, and I’m confident that Arian will be able to lead and grow the business to great success,” said Hoek. “This move allows us to focus on the dynamic growth of our flagship products and continue the development of other disruptive technologies.”

Water Planet developed and brought to market the world’s first smart membrane products. Products include PolyCera ultrafiltration membranes and IntelliFlux self-adaptive ultrafiltration membrane controls.