Water Planet partners with Applied Membranes

In one of the first collaborations under this agreement, Water Planet has sold a multi-stage reverse osmosis-based integrated membrane system for the Kuwait Oil Co to purify brackish groundwater for use in oil production and steam generation.

“This collaboration leverages the strengths of Applied Membranes and Water Planet to deliver a robust water treatment solution to an important customer. Applied Membranes is recognised worldwide for its technical expertise, high quality products, and excellent service, and is an ideal partner for us,” said Eric Hoek, founder and CEO of Water Planet.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to work with the talented team at Water Planet. Our companies complement each other, and I’ve enjoyed working with the Water Planet team to combine their membrane technology innovations with our 32 years of experience designing, manufacturing and delivering membrane based water treatment systems,” said Dr Gil Dhawan, founder and CEO of Applied Membranes.

Vista, California-headquartered Applied Membranes manufactures and distributes reverse osmosis membranes, systems and components.

From its base in Los Angeles, California, Water Planet designs and sells ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis systems. Product lines include IntelliFlux membrane systems and PolyCera membrane products.