Voith presents new generation of BaglessPlus

The Voith FloWing has a wing design that offers more surface area.
The Voith FloWing has a wing design that offers more surface area.

To coincide with the 20th anniversary of its BaglessPlus technology, Voith has announced the launch of FloWing, the next generation of the technology, which has the same dimensions but 56% more surface area.  

Voith engineers investigated the effects of different disc surfaces and topographies on the capacity of the BaglessPlus technology. Any new development needed to retain the high filtrate quality of the BaglessPlus sectors and this has resulted in a geometry that allows the formation of a thick fibre mat but also ensures ideal fibre separation. The company says that the wing design of the new FloWing filter sectors offers 56% more surface area than conventional systems.

The surface area of the discs used in the new FloWing has also increased by around 30%. Depending on the quality of the raw material, there is therefore an increase in throughput of 20-30%. FloWing disc filter sectors are even stronger at critical positions and so have a longer service life than the previous BaglessPlus sectors. 

In addition, optional adjustments to FloWing filter discs, like all Voith products from the BaglessPlus family, can be used with existing disc filters, including those from other manufacturers.