Veolia to provide chemical removal process for Chinese paper producer

Veolia Water Technologies is to supply its patented HPD® Enhanced Chloride Removal Process (ECRP™) for Lee & Man’s pulp making site in Chongqing, southwestern China.

The chloride and potassium removal system will improve pulping operations that support the production of packaging containerboard and tissue paper.

Using a two-stage crystallization process, Veolia’s ECRP is designed to treat 72 tons per day of precipitator ash to recover 93% of the sodium and remove 89% of the chlorides and 96% of potassium in the ash. This will allow Lee & Man to maximize sodium chemical savings while maintaining high chloride and potassium removal that prevents the undesired accumulations in the precipitator ash, which if left uncontrolled, can create corrosion and significant capacity losses due to boiler fouling.