Valmet renews digester top separator at Södra Cell mill

Valmet will deliver a new digester top separator to Södra Cell’s Mönsterås Mill in Sweden.

Image © Stephen Davies - Adobe Stock.

The renewal will lengthen the lifespan of the digester, which was originally installed in 1979, and contribute to the overall safety of the mill.

Södra Cell made the investment decision after Valmet performed a mechanical lifecycle analysis on the digester during the mill’s annual shutdown in 2022.

“Keeping our machine line in good condition is the key to creating a safe work environment for our employees and further improving our performance,” said Johan Carlstroem, Maintenance Engineer at Södra Mönsterås. “Thanks to Valmet’s lifecycle analysis, the digester top separator will now be renewed on time, contributing to the safety and reliability of the machine line.”

“Renewing parts that have reached the end of their lifecycle improves the safety of the mill, and in this case, it also simplifies the daily maintenance as the modern design of the new top separator enables using the same spare parts for the mill’s both digesters,” said Mattias Carlsson, Product Sales Manager, Pulp Solutions, EMEA at Valmet.

The delivery is scheduled to take place in October 2024.