Valmet to provide fiberline upgrade for Spain’s Lecta Zaragoza mill

Valmet is to deliver a comprehensive fiberline technology upgrade, including a new screening room, to Lecta's combined pulp and paper mill in Zaragoza, Spain.

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The upgrade, which will enable a significant capacity increase in pulp production while reducing operational costs and improving the availability of the fiberline, will cover areas such as wood handling, cooking, brown stock screening, washing and oxygen delignification.

Valmet's delivery consists of a comprehensive technology upgrade for the fiberline, including a new log feeding system and a Valmet Chip Cutter for wood handling, a cooking modification with Valmet OptiBin solution and Valmet chip pumps, a new screening room, an additional washing stage with a new Valmet TwinRoll Press, and an oxygen delignification stage modification.

The delivery is scheduled for Lecta's annual shutdown in April 2025.

“Our fiberline consists of equipment originally installed in 1975 and 1990. Despite having been well-maintained and regularly refurbished, it has reached the end of its lifecycle,” said Primitivo Prados, mill manager at Lecta Zaragoza. “We believe that by replacing old equipment with Valmet's new technologies we will improve the efficiency of our process significantly through better availability and reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs."

“Having successfully cooperated with the Zaragoza mill for a long time, we are happy that Lecta chose Valmet's state-of-the-art wood handling, cooking and fiberline technologies for this upgrade,” said Eduardo Ruiz Urrutia, vice president, SEMEA Sales, EMEA Area at Valmet. “It is a very important milestone in Valmet's service development in the Iberian Peninsula, and we will do our best to support the Zaragoza mill in obtaining their targets of high productivity, competitiveness and decreased environmental impact."