The Essential Element unveils the Hydra water purifier

The Hydra’s mobile solar/hydrogen fuel cells use light-weight, low-power components and very fine water filters. The water purifier from Essential Element is designed for use at medical clinics, schools, remote communities and disaster relief agencies. 

Brad Carlson, COO of The Essential Element, which is commercializing the HYDRA, said: “What we’re doing is using the sun to break water into hydrogen and oxygen, saving the oxygen for medical uses and using the hydrogen to power the fuel cell, which provides the energy to run the water purification system. So it’s fully self-contained, needs no outside sources of power, and can be delivered to any point on the globe.”  

Carlson said the HYDRA can be flown in by helicopter, dropped by parachute, or delivered on the back of a pickup truck. “It also gives water purification levels that are much purer, much cleaner than any other available, so one of the beauties of this unit is that it can provide virus-free, bacteria-free drinking water in disaster relief areas.”