Tata Chemicals launch affordable Tata Swach water purifier

The Tata Swach technology combines low-cost ingredients such as rice husk ash with nanotechnology and has been rigorously tested to meet internationally accepted water purification standards. The Tata Swach is built around a bulb-like water purifier made of natural elements such as rice husk ash impregnated with nano-silver particles.

The purification medium contained inside has the capability to kill bacteria and disease-causing organisms, which are a huge threat to global health. The Tata Swatch water purifier from Tata Chemicals can purify up to 3,000 litres of water. When this capacity is reached, the cartridge stops water flow, giving the user enough time to replace the cartridge.

Ratan Tata, chairman, Tata Sons spoke at the launch: “Safe drinking water is the most basic of human needs. The social cost of water contamination is already enormous and increases every year. Although today’s announcement is about giving millions more people affordable access to safe water, it is an important step in the long-term strategy to find a solution to provide affordable access to safe water for all.”