TETRALP Block system installed in Catalonia

The plant is one of the largest in the region and will be remodelled with the new Severn Trent Services Apliclor filtration system to improve treatment efficiency and reduce operating costs. The plant is owned and operated by Agbar, one of Spain’s largest water companies and treats up to 5,300 litres of water per second for the residents of Barcelona and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Initially, Severn Trent Services Apliclor will remodel 10 of the existing 20 filters in the plant and will ultimately install filter floors in the remainder. The installation began in July with completion expected in approximately seven months.

The TETRA LP Block is a dual parallel lateral underdrain system constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) moulded plastic blocks that distribute air and water for either concurrent or sequential backwashing. The system is suitable for both new and retrofit filter underdrain applications. It has been in use for many years in countries including the United States, and in Spain, there are currently more than 9,000 m² of TETRA LP Blocks in use in fast gravity filters at four drinking water purification plants and two large desalination plants. 

“Our innovative LP Block underdrain system has a smaller footprint and is more compact than other solutions, making it less costly to install,” claims Rick Bacon, operations director of Severn Trent Services’ European Water Purification business. “The system also provides energy savings through more efficient operational performance, and maintenance costs are lower than those of other solutions.”