TAMI Industries celebrates 20th anniversary

TAMI's ceramic membranes
TAMI's ceramic membranes

TAMI Industries celebrated the milestone earlier this year with a gala dinner in the South of France attended by more than 200 customers, business partners, subcontractors, employees and local government officials.

Establishment in 1993 and headquartered in Nyons, TAMI Industries’ core business is the production of ceramic filtration membranes for the separation of molecules contained in liquids. The company has subsidiaries in Germany, North America, Asia and South America and its membranes are marketed worldwide. Exports accounted for more than 91% of TAMI Industries’ 2012 turnover.

Having made a patent application on average every 10 months since the company was founded, TAMI Industries now has 26 patents. The company conducts its R&D activities at facilities in France and Germany.

The gala dinner followed on from TAMI Industries’ annual convention. TAMI Industries subsidiaries and various sales agents from around the world have been meeting every year for more than a decade to share their experiences and discuss the economic situation in their respective countries.