Swirltex to provide membrane filtration system for US-based transportation company

Swirltex US Inc has secured a multimillion dollar purchase order for its patented membrane filtration system from a large US-based industrial transportation company.

Image © Emanuel Corso - Adobe Stock.

The purchase order follows a comprehensive technology evaluation and design process with the customer and its engineering consultant. Under the agreement, Swirltex will design and build the turnkey treatment system, utilizing its patented technology, and integrate the system with the construction of a wastewater treatment plant at the customer’s eastern US facility.

Work on the project has already started and expected completion is in the first half of 2024.

“This purchase order is a significant milestone for Swirltex as we are able to provide our wastewater treatment solution into another industrial market as well as expand commercial activity into the US market,“ said Rob Budianto, CEO of Canada’s Swirltex. “Industrial customers are continuing to seek cost effective solutions to growing wastewater treatment challenges to meet discharge requirements, reduce operational costs, and provide additional re-use opportunities to meet sustainability goals and reduce water demand. We are pleased to support this customer on this project.”

Swirltex’s technology is a buoyancy-enhanced membrane filtration process that treats challenging wastewater streams at high throughput, with lower energy consumption, and in a broad range of climates. The patented process can use membranes in applications where conventional membranes cannot be successfully applied. Swirltex’s primary client base is heavy industrial applications, which include lithium brine management, coal and mining applications, oil and gas processes, industrial ponds and the pulp and paper industry.