SPX to supply dairy processing system for baby food plant in Belarus

The turnkey dairy processing system will feature a range of SPX solutions using ultrafiltration and infusion technologies. The SPX equipment will include homogenizers, separators, plate and scraped surface heat exchangers, bacteria clarifiers, pumps, valves, membrane technology, extended shelf life technology with microfiltration and ultra high temperature tubular infusion plants.

“SPX is working with Biocom to establish a state-of-the-art dairy processing plant in Belarus that is designed to deliver high capacity while also being highly flexible and highly efficient,” said Marc Michael, president of SPX Flow Food and Beverage. “We are leveraging our deep expertise in fresh dairy processing to help Biocom create a dairy plant that is optimised for product consistency, operational efficiency, food safety and sustainability.”

The Nesvizh Baby Food Factory, which will be able to process 500 tons of milk per day, is expected to become fully operational in either late 2015 or in 2016. Products will include liquid baby foods, yoghurts, cottage cheese and a variety of milk including ultra-high temperature, extended shelf life, pasteurized and flavoured milks.