Special issue: Desalination and the environment

Desalination, Volume 406, Pages 1-124: Desalination and the Environment | Edited by Raed Hashaikeh and Sarper Sarp


Desalination Technologies

Environmental and economic performance assessment of desalination supply chain

Experimental study of a bubble basin intended for water desalination system

Valorization of desalination brines by electrodialysis with bipolar membranes using nanocomposite anion exchange membranes

CPO-27(Ni), aluminium fumarate and MIL-101(Cr) MOF materials for adsorption water desalination

Does nuclear desalination make sense for Saudi Arabia?

Performance evaluation of reverse osmosis (RO) pre-treatment technologies for in-land brackish water treatment

Development and techno-economic analysis of small modular nuclear reactor and desalination system across Middle East and North Africa region

Emerging Environmental Approaches

Electrically conducting nanofiltration membranes based on networked cellulose and carbon nanostructures

Metallic anion recovery from aqueous streams and removal agent recycle in the polymer–surfactant aggregate process

The influence of selected factors on the effectiveness of pre-treatment of geothermal water during the nanofiltration process

Advanced oxidation processes to remove cyanotoxins in water

Hybrid precipitation-nanofiltration treatment of effluent pond water from phosphoric acid industry

Thin-film composite membrane on a compacted woven backing fabric for pressure assisted osmosis

Removal of metallic anions from dilute aqueous solutions by polymer–surfactant aggregates

Feasibility study for reduce water evaporative loss in a power plant cooling tower by using air to air heat exchanger with auxiliary fan