Siemens signs exclusive licensing agreement for EcoRight membrane bioreactor

Under the agreement, Siemens has the right to market and sell the system, which integrates membrane bioreactor technology with additional purification processes to treat highly organic wastewaters, ensuring the cost-effective reuse of difficult-to-treat wastewater.

“This technology development and commercialisation project is truly a team effort. Saudi Aramco came to Siemens with the creative concept, and Siemens is applying its technical know-how to help turn an idea into a commercial reality,” said Chuck Gordon, CEO of Siemens Water Technologies.

Saudi Aramco’s long experience in operating a wide range of wastewater treatment systems provided valuable knowledge and insight, which helped to formulate the innovative ideas leading to the development of the EcoRight MBR. This innovation, combined with Siemens’ capabilities as a world-class developer of wastewater treatment technologies culminated in the development of the EcoRight MBR. We believe this valuable new technology will enable industrial facilities to realize water conservation through expanding the horizons of industrial wastewater reuse“, said Isam Bayat vice president, Saudi Aramco Engineering Service.

The EcoRight MBR system is currently under final technical evaluation and is anticipated to be commercially available in early 2011. Pilot testing will begin in the next few months. Multiple patents are pending for the technology used in the system.