Self-cleaning filters from SPX

The Plenty range from SPX® offers a choice of cast or fabricated single element units and fabricated multi-element units for higher flows. They can be manually operated, motorised or fully automatic with either electric or pneumatic operation, all of which are suitable for dewatering duties.

Employing high quality stainless steel elements, the filters are highly effective in removing particles as small as 25 microns and ensure high levels of safety as there is no operator contact with the fluid during cleaning. Liquid enters the filter body on the external side of the wedge wire or perforated element and passes to the inside, with debris being collected on the external surface. The debris is removed from the external surface by the rotation of the element against a stationary cleaning blade and is deposited in the bottom of the body where it can be discharged manually or automatically.

Suitable for the most demanding environments, Plenty filters can be used for many difficult liquids and, depending on the model, provide flow rates up to 18,000 l/min and accommodate pressures up to 35 bar.