Sartorius Stedim Biotech and c-LEcta sign sales agreement

German company c-LEcta specialises in the development of customized enzymes and production strains for industrial applications. Based on this agreement, customised endonuclease will now be available under the product name Denarase.

Endonucleases are used in various biopharmaceutical production processes, such as in recombinant protein production, to remove nucleic acids, reduce viscosity levels and thus optimise process efficiencies. The company c-LEcta has improved the production process for Serratia marcescens nuclease using a genetically engineered Bacillus strain to increase enzyme activity yields and remove endotoxins. As a result, this new technology has improved purity and quality of nuclease.

“The nuclease is a perfect addition to our current purification product portfolio and supports our strategy as a total solution provider for the biopharmaceutical industry,” said Dr Uwe Gottschalk, vice-president of purification technologies at Sartorius Stedim Biotech.