Saltworks delivers UF system to US plant

Canadian industrial wastewater treatment specialist Saltworks Technologies recently delivered its full-scale compact and automated XtremeUF ultrafiltration system to an advanced materials manufacturing plant in the US.

 Saltworks' XtremeUF vessels contained within a full-scale plant.
Saltworks' XtremeUF vessels contained within a full-scale plant. - Image: Saltworks Technologies

XtremeUF removes specific contaminants that conventional clarifiers and polymeric ultrafiltration have struggled with, either due to reliability, excessive chemical consumption, or space requirements. When appropriate and implemented correctly, ceramic ultrafiltration improves overall water balance at lower operating costs while saving valuable floor space. Saltworks has more XtremeUF systems in production, which it will be delivering this year. 

Saltworks originally developed XtremeUF technology for industrial desalination, specifically to remove precipitated scaling ions to enable ultra-high recovery membrane desalination (for example, recoveries up to 99%). XtremeUF is increasingly being deployed in non-desalination applications for its versatility and long-term reliability. The technology is being used to remove chemical reaction by-products in manufacturing, produce electric vehicle (EV) battery-grade inputs, and to extract and recycle constituents of value from waste streams. 

Malcolm Man, Saltworks’ EVP, describes XtremeUF as, “a self-cleaning robot built around widely available ceramic membrane elements. The hardened non-polymeric membranes can take a beating and our customers are not beholden to a single supplier since we use commoditised membrane elements... We are thrilled to see important industries such as manufacturing, mining, and power generation benefiting from XtremeUF.”