Repligen to acquire bioprocess filtration specialist Spectrum

Spectrum is a diversified filtration company with a portfolio of hollow fiber cartridges, bench-top to commercial scale filtration and perfusion systems and single-use solutions. Products are used for the filtration, isolation, purification and concentration of monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, recombinant proteins, diagnostic products and cell therapies. The company had revenues of US$40.2 million in 2016, with more than 90% coming from its filtration product portfolio.

The Spectrum deal will expand Repligen’s global market presence in bioprocess filtration and continuous manufacturing.

Tony Hunt, president and CEO of Repligen, said: “This is a pivotal transaction for Repligen that meets all of our acquisition criteria and is a major step forward in building Repligen as a global leader in bioprocessing and achieving our long term financial goals. We look forward to joining forces with the Spectrum team, with whom we are closely aligned in our commitments to delivering innovative products and exceptional customer service.”

“This is a great synergistic pairing, as both companies share a real drive and vision to bring flexible and customer tailored solutions to the rapidly growing bioprocessing industry. With Spectrum’s leadership in hollow fiber filtration, we see clear opportunities to accelerate our combined success and we look forward to joining the Repligen team,” said Tony MacDonald, president of Spectrum.