Plasma sampling using card plasma separator technology

Noviplex Cards use plasma separator technology to collect a volumetric sample of plasma from an unmeasured amount of whole blood within minutes. Demonstrated applications include peptides, proteins and small molecules. 

The technology allows plasma generation from a finger-stick as opposed to traditional methods of blood collection and preparation. Plasma can be generated from specimen volumes ranging from 20 to 75 µL of whole blood. 

Noviplex Cards eliminate the need for syringes, glass collection tubes, centrifugation and refrigerators and allow for much less invasive blood sampling than conventional phlebotomy, the company says. Plasma is a much cleaner sample than whole blood for the mass spectrometer and the volumetric amount of plasma (2.5 ul) generated from a drop of whole blood significantly improves quantification. 

Blood collection

“Noviplex cards reduce the reliance on blood collection from clinical laboratories and enable researchers to generate plasma in minutes from finger-sticks or mouse-tail bleeds,” said Scott Kuzdzal, PhD, life science business unit manager at SSI. “Plasma sample generation, storage and shipping are greatly simplified.”