Pall launches Supra AKS depth filters

The Supra AKS cartridges from Pall are ideal for confirming results seen at smaller scales, and they are appropriate for process scales from 6-100 plus litres. The Supra AKS depth filters are available in standard 10, 20, and 30 inch sanitary-style cartridge sizes. The filters feature a unique upstream-downstream separator and a Code 7 housing adapter for ease of use in stainless steel housings. The robust design withstands up to 80°C at 35 psi (2.4 bar) differential pressure. The intermediate-size cartridges give process developers important new scale-up options when using Pall’s line of depth filters featuring Seitz AKS immobilized activated carbon depth filter media. Pall’s Seitz AKS filter media incorporates activated carbon within a matrix of cellulosic fibres. The media is coupled with a downstream filter which eliminates carbon particle shedding. Unlike bulk powdered activated carbon (PAC) processing that entails multiple steps, the feed stream is passed through the Seitz AKS sheet filter just once at an appropriate flow rate to achieve the desired adsorptive purification. By streamlining the filtration process to a single step, Pall Seitz AKS filter media significantly reduces overall process time while increasing product yield.

Scott W Anderson, global product manager at Pall Life Sciences, said: “Pall’s Supra AKS depth filters allow users to purify and decolorize pharmaceutical products by activated carbon adsorption using a modular format. Filters can be quickly installed into standard sanitary-style cartridge housings, and the unique design reduces the risks of downstream contamination.”