Pall Corporation announces Ultipor® N66 filter for advanced CMP processes

The Ultipor® N66 filter was developed to meet the stringent defectivity requirements of today’s sub-14 nm processes. Manufactured in a clean room, the filter provides finer retention, lower differential pressure, and greater cleanliness than the melt-blown filters typically used in CMP filtration applications. “Ultipor N66 filters have been shown to provide greater than 30% reduction in CMP-related defects when compared with competitive melt-blown products,” said Steve Chisolm, President, Pall Microelectronics. “The filters also extract greater than 80 percent less trace metals than typical CMP melt-blown filters. The controlled fine pore structure of the filter is uniquely adapted to address the increasingly fine slurry classification requirements of front end of line CMP processes.”