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Pall announces its latest XpressKleen filter

The 5 nm XpressKleen™ filter is a key component of Pall’s disposable PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy alkanes) KleenChange® assemblies. The new filter was featured at SEMICON West 2016.

The filter is designed to meet the growing challenges of sub-10 nm critical chemical processing. It demonstrates finer retention, fast flow, and higher purity than previous filters. Retention is validated using Pall’s gold nanoparticle challenge test. Steve Chisolm, president of Pall Microelectronics, said the 5 nm XpressKleen filter is part of Pall’s proprietary XP cleaning process that reduces trace metal contamination by 50% to less than 500 parts per trillion (ppt) total for nineteen critical metal ions for a 10 inch device. The XP cleaning process also removes organics, surface particles, and anions.

The company’s manufacturing process uses clean room manufacturing and statistical process control to ensure the reliability and performance of every 5 nm XpressKleen filter.