Organizational changes at Avista Technologies

Kurita Water Industries’ Avista Technologies Inc has announced organizational changes to support growth and the development of a dedicated global team.

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Avista Technologies says the structural change will provide career advancement and development opportunities for current employees and the next generation of membrane experts.

Vice President of Research and Development Sara Pietsch, who has been with Avista Technologies for 14 years, will now lead membrane treatment innovation for Kurita worldwide as the Avista Center of Excellence Vice President of R&D.

Ken Robinson, formerly the North American Application & Sales Manager, with a 17-year tenure, is promoted to Director of Applications & Sales - North America. Robinson will lead the North American sales and field service teams.

Raul Gonzalez, former Director of Sales Support, is promoted to Director of Applications & Sales – International. He will drive international sales growth for Avista Technologies in LATAM and Asia and support the Avista Center of Excellence sales promotion for membrane treatment solutions globally.

Doug Eisberg, former Vice President of Sales, has been selected for a new role to support Kurita’s Global Business Development for Membrane Treatment Solutions where he will focus on growing and maintaining strong international connections with membrane industry partners globally.

“Since becoming part of the Kurita Group, Avista has experienced remarkable growth and established a robust team comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive industry expertise. This revamped organizational framework enables Avista to effectively deliver innovative solutions worldwide, ensuring optimal service and support for all Avista Technology customers,” said Toshinori Maema, CEO and president of Avista.