NX Filtration to advance sustainable water solutions in Vietnam

NX Filtration has signed two agreements in Vietnam to advance sustainable water solutions.

In partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park, NX Filtration is embarking on a groundbreaking feasibility study for industrial wastewater reclamation. Over 12 months, the company’s breakthrough hollow fiber nano membrane technology will be deployed, with the initial six months dedicated to operations. This approach not only facilitates the recycling of wastewater for industrial purposes but also positions Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park as a trailblazer in Vietnam's green industrial landscape.

Additionally, NX Filtration’s collaboration with CA Water JSC and Climate Fund Managers (CFM) heralds a new era of sustainable water management at the La Giang Water Treatment Plant in Duc Tho District, Ha Tinh Province. Through this partnership, NX Filtration aims to integrate its hollow fiber nano membrane technology into the existing water treatment infrastructure. The successful implementation of this project will not only bolster the plant's capacity to provide clean and safe water to the local community but also serve as a blueprint for future sustainable water management initiatives.

NX Filtration says these agreements underscore its unwavering commitment to driving positive environmental impact through technological innovation.