Nijhuis Water Technology makes UK acquisition

H2OK provides anaerobic digestion and effluent treatment to food and beverage customers around the UK and has a strong presence in the holiday and leisure market. H2OK also has a design and flood risk team working throughout the UK.

The two companies have been working together for more than eight years on industrial effluent treatment projects, like the new Stonehenge visitor centre where Nijhuis Water Technology is the technology provider and H2OK is Nijhuis’s preferred system integrator and turnkey service and solution provider.

“H2OK has not only been a reliable partner for almost 10 years, but also took a leading role by applying innovative Nijhuis technologies to address the growing need for sustainable water and energy solutions in the UK,” said Menno Holterman, CEO of Nijhuis Water Technology. “This acquisition fits seamlessly with our strategy to expand our global market presence and establish local presence in emerging and key markets.”

“Two years ago we set-up a joint venture structure and the acquisition is a natural follow-up on the strategic cooperation between both our companies,” said Tim Cunliffe, managing director of H2OK. “The global references, footprint and size of the Nijhuis Water Technology Group provide ample opportunities to accelerate our growth to supply nationwide anaerobic digestion, waste to energy, wastewater treatment and recycling solutions and become a leading solutions provider in the water and renewable energy market.”

Nijhuis Water Technology has operated in the UK since 1978 and delivered and installed over 170 effluent treatment plants around the country.