New dust extraction range for wood floor grinding

Dust extraction specialist Dustcontrol has introduced a new dust extraction range for wood floor grinding. This includes two models; the DC F60, and the DC 1800 eco XL.Phil Haskins, construction sales manager at Dustcontrol, said: “Working with a wood floor grinder produces a lot of dust which means that the container or the plastic sack has to be emptied a number of times during usage. To reduce unnecessary interruptions whilst working we have now developed the DC F60 pre-separator and the DC 1800 eco XL dust extractor.”The DC F60 can handle large quantities of dust, and is placed between the grinder and the vacuum to take the load off the filters and capture the majority of material.The DC 1800 eco XL is the second offering in the new range. It has been purpose built for wood floor grinders, and can take care of large amounts of dust thanks to its 60-litre container and can be used with or without a pre-separator.  

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