New component filter test system provides flexibility

Consisting of both software and a hardware module, the new CFTS Model 3150 is pre-configured to work with TSI’s world class detectors and control the full range of particle generators from TSI, providing a platform for numerous filter test applications.TSI’s filter testing solutions are designed to measure filtration efficiencies of media and a variety of air filters precisely, including very high-efficiency filters, respiratory filters, cartridges and protective garments, and ensure such media meets global filter test standards. The new CFTS from TSI now brings all of these solutions together in a flexible console that allows for varied use depending on your media and filter testing requirements. To do so, this new system adapts to a wide variety of inputs and outputs while maintaining the same interface and adapting to existing filter ducts. The company says that it also has good performance for both high and low flow rate systems, and even has multiple ports used to read temperature, pressure, and relative humidity, information needed to make flow corrections and log sensor data for test reports.