New Aquaerator reduces water maintenance costs

Wraysbury Plume: An example of surface water when the Aquaerator is working.
Wraysbury Plume: An example of surface water when the Aquaerator is working.

Aquarius Marine Group (AMG), the specialist in water quality solutions and consultancy for water utilities and fisheries, has announced a new version of its water aeration and mixing solution. Called the Aquaerator, this patented technology is designed to improve the health and oxygenation of reservoirs and lakes, and to satisfy water quality maintenance in compliance with the UK's 2015 Water Framework Directive. 

AMG said this month that aquaeration provides a long-term, low carbon solution to thermal stratification, a common issue for reservoirs and lakes, leading to poor oxygenation and a build-up of metals in suspension, as well as blue green algae, all of which would normally require expensive chemical removal in the Water Treatment Works.

The Aquaerator utilises a UPVC manifold, instead of stainless steel which attracts manganese oxide, and is designed to provide a virtually maintenance free solution for resolving anoxic conditions. It also overcomes the issue of manganese deposits which can quickly clog and block up old style diffuser solutions.  The detachable UPVC manifold tubes can also, if necessary, be replaced easily by divers without the need to lift the Aquaerator from the reservoir bed.

The sub-surface solution sits on plinths above the silt layer and works by mixing air with water from the bed to form a rotating plume of fine bubbles, which mix and circulate the layers of water. Unlike other solutions, AMG says the Aquaerator is designed to draw water horizontally from the surrounding base layer to ensure the ecology of the lake or reservoir bed is not disturbed and that silt is not drawn up into the water column.

Tony Wynes, managing director, Aquarius Marine Group said: “Expensive treatment works and chemical removal is an increasing cost issue for lake and reservoir management. The new Aquaerator is designed to provide an environmentally friendly, low carbon approach to water quality maintenance, overcome the clogging issues that can beset conventional sub-surface aeration to provide a long term, low cost maintenance solution.”