Wastewater mixer cuts costs

The GF (grid flotation) mixers for wastewater provide mixing in partial and total mix systems and activated sludge basins with available utility power. "Some of our applications have grid power readily available, so our goal was to design an economical, grid-powered machine that is so efficient it can run on a very small amount of power," said Joel Bleth, president of SolarBee. "The GF mixer for wastewater treatment plants is engineered to run on 500 watts, yet it can replace 30 to 50 horsepower (hp) of aeration runtime. It looks and works the same as a solar-powered machine minus the solar components." Four GF models are available, providing a choice of single- or three-phase power, and a choice of intake designs and mixing capacity. GF 5000 models provide mixing capacity up to 5,000 gpm with a j-hook intake design for maximum adjustment in fluctuating water levels. The mixers are designed for applications with high mixing requirements up to 10,000 gpm and use a straight intake design.