National Centre of Excellence in Desalination launched

Murdoch University was awarded AUS$20 million by the Australian Government in 2009 to host the National Centre of Excellence in Desalination (NCED). The NCED is an integral part of the Australian Government’s long-term ‘Water for the Future’ initiative. The federal funding over five years was topped by up with an extra AUS$3 million from the Western Australian State Government.

The NCED's aim is to establish an internationally significant research and development destination which helps Australia and the world face future challenges of water security. Murdoch University, as Administering Organisation of the Centre, has partnered with Australia’s leading water and desalination research institutions to bring together diverse capabilities and resources.

Professor Doepel, Murcoch University, said: “The NCED’s grant funding supports a range of activities and investments, including scholarships and fellowships, and research and commercialisation pursuits. The funding recommendations are inclusive of all NCED’s participating organisations and span all five research theme areas: pre-treatment; reverse osmosis desalting; novel desalting; concentrate management; and social, economic and environmental issues.”