Evoqua and PUB to build desalination demonstration plant in Singapore

The new plant, which will be capable of producing 500 000 gallons of desalinated seawater per day, will utilise Evoqua’s patented Nexed electrochemical desalination module technology.

With support from the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), through the TechPioneer piloting programme. Evoqua will design and construct an adjacent one million gallon/day (feed) plant. Staged increases in flow rate will be achieved through 2017 after the first 90 m3/hr feed flow system is installed in mid-2016.

“R&D is vital as we continue to ensure a sustainable water supply for the future. With rising energy costs, we are looking into ways to reduce the energy consumed during desalination. This is important as desalination will meet up to 25% of our water needs by 2060,” said Harry Seah, chief technology officer, PUB. “We are excited to collaborate with our international partners such as Evoqua in areas such as electrochemical desalting, to co-create solutions that ensure our water supply remains sustainable and affordable.”