Mott introduces sterilising grade media

Mott’s sterilising grade filters are biocompatible, impervious to solvents, and compatible with most organic compounds and complex drug chemistries. The media is offered in 316L stainless steel as well as titanium and is engineered for external use or for implantable devices. Mott says that it is stronger, more durable and longer lasting than existing products.

Porous metal filter media is suitable for various implantable devices, filters to prevent plugging of catheters, drug delivery devices, medical instrumentation, various test filters, bacteria filters, sparging devices for cell culture processing, and gas flow restrictor devices for gas delivery in life-critical systems. It has also been used to filter carrier gases and cryogenic fluids, as vents for bioreactors and fermentor vessels, and as site markers used in the human body. The metal can be autoclaved, sterilized or completely recycled.