Modern Water secures first sale of AMBC technology in China

Modern Water plc has made the first sale of its proprietary All-Membrane Brine Concentration (AMBC) technology in China.

The company will provide its proprietary AMBC technology for a plant to treat flue-gas desulphurisation wastewater produced by a Chinese power station. The AMBC system will be built into an existing facility, with completion and commissioning scheduled for the end of 2017.

The project will be executed in conjunction with Hangzhou Sunup Environmental Science and Technology Co Ltd (Sunup).

“We are delighted that our AMBC system is gaining traction in China, which is an important market with increasingly tight environmental requirements,” said Simon Humphrey, CEO of Modern Water. “We have worked with Sunup for several years and we are confident that once the plant is up-and-running our technology will demonstrate the substantial improvements we can offer for the flue-gas desulphurisation sector, and also in other industries, thereby allowing us to make further sales to Sunup and target new markets.”