Modern Water partners with Advent Envirocare to commercialise brine concentration technology in India

The two companies are jointly funding and deploying a pilot test plant at an operational wastewater treatment site in India. Testing will be completed by the end of 2016.

Simon Humphrey, CEO of Modern Water, said: “We are pleased to partner with Advent Envirocare in the important Indian market and we are confident that together we will be able to bring quantifiable benefits to customers by significantly lowering the cost of waste water treatment in achieving ZLD standards. Furthermore, this will allow for a much more economic and practical way to minimise industrial discharges to the environment. This project will clearly demonstrate the benefits of Modern Water’s approach and will allow us to promote our brine concentration technology throughout the world.”

Soham Mehta, managing director of Advent Envirocare Technology Pvt Ltd, said: “As partners, Advent Envirocare and Modern Water will use cutting-edge technology to benefit our customers and make a real difference to the economics and efficiencies of the ZLD process. With the recent statutory development of implementing ZLD in water-intensive industries at a time when Advent Envirocare is executing some of the largest ZLD projects in India, the stage is set for this partnership to flourish.”