Modern Water moves into Scandinavian market

The order for Modern Water’s OVA on-line monitoring product has been received from Tekniska Verken Power Plant in Linkoping in Sweden, a company that will use the equipment for real-time monitoring of zinc, cadmium and lead. Tekniska Verken Power Plant, which uses fuel classified as waste, will be monitoring metal levels in its flue gas condensate. The OVA has been set up to monitor both during the treatment of the condensate and before the treated effluent is released into a local river. The OVA will generate savings by reducing external laboratory costs, as well as making the treatment process more efficient, and by reducing the volumes of water requiring off-site treatment. Modern Water’s Chief Executive, Simon Humphrey, commented: “We are excited to have sold our first trace metal monitoring equipment in Scandinavia and look forward to pursuing further opportunities for many other waste to energy power plants around the world.”