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Mobile filtration unit wins marine sustainability award

The awards showcase innovations and talent within the commercial marine sector. The winners were announced during the Seawork International 2017 Commercial Marine and Workboat Exhibition & Conference in Southampton, UK, on 13-15 June. 

The CarenEcolo mobile filtration unit is a system that collects and filters the contaminated washwater left when a boat hull coated with anti-fouling paint is cleaned. It is composed of a water collecting tarpaulin with inflatable sides where the boat is placed for high pressure cleaning. The water and debris is then pumped into the filtration unit where seven different types of filters decontaminate the water of paint, fuel, grease, biocides, lead, tributyltin (TBT), copper and other toxic materials.

TBT was used as a biocide in anti-fouling paint applied to the hulls of vessels to prevent the growth of marine organisms. TBT was widely banned after it was found to slowly leach out into the marine environment where it is extremely toxic to non-target marine organisms. 

The unit offers a solution for ports not equipped with a recuperation and filtration area and is mobile so costs can be shared between ports.

This is the first time CarenEcolo has exhibited the unit outside of France.