Memsift enters South Korean market through partnership

Dr J Antony Prince, founder and CEO of Memsift Innovations.
Dr J Antony Prince, founder and CEO of Memsift Innovations.

Singapore-based industrial liquid-waste treatment specialist Memsift Innovations Pte Ltd and South Korea’s Angstroms Co Ltd have entered into a cooperation agreement to explore market opportunities for Memsift technologies in South Korea through pilot trials.

Angstroms, which specialises in membrane separation technologies for industrial effluent treatment and solvent recovery, has agreed to introduce Memsift products to its customer base in South Korea.

Memsift’s thermal separation process and membranes are based on patented technologies that provide unique benefits over traditional brine treatment and zero liquid discharge solutions.

Angstroms has already received interest from some of its existing customers to perform onsite pilot trials.

“Memsift technologies are receiving good traction from the international market and this agreement will allow us to expand our activities in the Korea market,” said Dr J Antony Prince, founder and CEO of Memsift Innovations. “It is a big advantage for us working with a local partner who has the technical expertise, knows the market very well and is willing to bring our products to their customers in the market. This will allow us to achieve our goals together.”

“We see the advantages of Memsift’s products over the traditional industrial liquid-waste treatment methods and it could be applied in some of our current projects,” said Kim Baekahm, executive director and CEO, Angstroms Co Ltd. “This agreement will allow us to do the pilot trials at our customer site and let them experience the cutting-edge technologies.”

Memsift is also exploring similar partnerships for other regions.