Meissner’s G Capsule Filter optimised for single-use systems

ALpHA G filter assembly within a single-use system.
ALpHA G filter assembly within a single-use system.

Meissner has introduced the ALpHA G, a absolute rated depth type prefilter, which has been optimised for compatibility with a gamma irradiation cycle commonly used to sterilize single-use systems. 

The prefilter features a tapered pore structure, which provides high flow rates and delivers high dirt holding capacity. ALpHA G capsule filters can be ordered sterile for immediate use, and are available in retention ratings from 0.6μm to 20μm. 

The filter can be specified in a wide range of capsule configurations to provide seamless scalability from laboratory work and process development through production.

For applications requiring multistage filtration and larger surface areas than can be accommodated by a single filter, the ALpHA G media can be specified in the UltraSnap filter assembly. The UltraSnap assembly can be delivered as a single presterilised unit with one inlet and one outlet for maximum convenience and 'plug and play' functionality.