March 2022’s top filtration news stories

Mann+Hummel's new business model for Air Filtration Americas, DuPont's investment in OxyMem's Irish production facility and a microplastics filter developed by Audi and TU Berlin were the most popular news stories on the Filtration+Separation website in March 2022.

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1. Mann+Hummel adopts new business model for Air Filtration Americas

Mann+Hummel’s Air Filtration Americas is moving from a direct sales approach to a distributor-based model for all three of its North American air filtration brands: Tri-Dim, Tri-Dim Hardy and Pamlico Air.


2. DuPont invests in OxyMem production facility

DuPont Water Solutions has announced a multi-million-euro investment at its OxyMem manufacturing facility in Athlone, Ireland.


3. Audi and TU Berlin develop microplastics filter for urban runoff

The Audi Environmental Foundation and the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin) have developed filters which prevent tyre wear particles and other environmentally harmful substances from being washed into sewers and bodies of water along with rainwater.