Mann+Hummel invests in Pamlico Air

The Mann+Hummel Group has made a strategic investment in Pamlico Air, a US manufacturer and provider of air filter products, mainly for retail and wholesale applications.

Pamlico Air will complement the air filtration portfolio of Mann+Hummel subsidiary Tri-Dim, which focuses primarily on the commercial and industrial air filtration aftermarket.

Kurk Wilks, president and CEO of the Mann+Hummel Group, believes Pamlico Air will be an ideal partner to propel the North American air filtration business.

“By investing in Pamlico Air, we see a tremendous opportunity to accelerate the growth of our Life Sciences & Environment business unit,” said Wilks. “We highly value Pamlico Air’s expertise and leadership in the area of retail and wholesale air filtration. As part of the Mann+Hummel Group, Pamlico Air will strengthen our filtration offering in the Aftermarket business as well as open up opportunities in the planning and specification phase of new installments.”

“This strategic partnership with Mann+Hummel enhances Pamlico Air’s operational capabilities and gives us a significant stake in one of the most exciting segments of filtration,” said Harry Smith, CEO of Pamlico Air. “We see significant opportunities to drive value for Mann+Hummel’s air filtration business in the region.”

“We look forward to joining forces with the Pamlico Air team to expand our existing product portfolio in North America, and accelerate efforts in strategic business areas,” said Mark King, president at Tri-Dim. “Both companies share the same market understanding and value for our customers, which is why we see great growth opportunities ahead.”

Pamlico Air will continue to be led by Smith and his management team. King remains president of Tri-Dim and will work closely with the Pamlico Air leadership team as one organisation.