Mann+Hummel develops three-stage filter concept

This is to be used to protect modern diesel injection systems in commercial vehicles.After the successful introduction of the product in passenger cars, series production for a commercial vehicle product will follow at Mann+Hummel in 2017.

In recent years, modern diesel engines have achieved hugely enhanced performance and significant improvements in efficiency with regard to emissions behaviour and fuel consumption. Ever higher injection pressures have resulted in increasing demands with regard to the separation of water contained in diesel fuel.

With the three-stage filter, the fuel flows from the outside to the inside of the filter element. In the first stage, solid particles are filtered out by the filter medium. A coalescer then combines the water droplets to form larger drops. In the third stage, the hydrophobic sieve prevents these enlarged drops from following the fuel into the injection system. The separated water itself is collected in the filter module, detected and then drained either manually or automatically. With the high achievable water separation efficiencies, the injection systems of the commercial vehicle engines can be reliably protected over the long term. 

Mann+Hummel's fuel filter element with three stage water separation.