Management buyout for Grundfos’s Enaqua

The Enaqua management team is to acquire the UV water treatment company from Grundfos.

Image: MQ-Illustrations/Adobe Stock.

Enaqua is a Vista (San Diego), California-based Grundfos company that provides UV water treatment solutions for municipal wastewater disinfection and process water treatment, including food and aquaculture as well as re-use applications.

“We have great respect for the Enaqua team, which has been doing a great job within their market,” said Grundfos Group vice president Tommy Due Høy. “Enaqua has a proven track record in their niche focus market of UV water treatment solutions, and we believe that Enaqua will be able to better fulfil its potential under a different ownership. We are pleased to have a buyer who will be able to nurture, strengthen and develop Enaqua.”

“This acquisition is an exciting step in our journey,” said Mark Wilke, co-CEO, of Enaqua. “This will allow us to continue to offer our customers the best available technology for their water treatment applications. We look forward to further strengthening our product portfolio and services, with all our customers in mind.”

Rick McIntyre, co-CEO of Enaqua, said: “We are excited to (be able to) continue providing our customers with the State-of-the-Art UV Disinfection solutions that Enaqua has been known for throughout our long history”