Maag Automatik at Plast Eurasia 2015

Focal point in the booth is Maag’s new generation pump. The advanced developed pump can run at higher speeds without increased product temperature, due to its tremendous improvement in volumetric efficiency.

The extrex® 90 extrusion pump from Maag Pump Systems is shown feeding melt to the CSC 116-RS screen changer with arched cavities and from there the melt is fed to the SPHERO® S 100. The proven gear and bearing technology of the extrex® series combines high efficiency with minimized energy consumption.

The newly- designed underwater pelletizing system Sphero S 100 incorporates a variety of feature upgrades, making it ideally suited for masterbatch, compounding and recycling applications with throughputs between 700 and 3000 kg/h.

The PRIMO 200E from automatik pelletizing systems is particularly suited to the compounding of thermoplastics and the production of masterbatches up to a line throughput of 1.5 t/h. PRIMO 200E is a single-side mounted dry-cut strand pelletizer with an extra-large cutting width of 200 mm.