M|MBR Systems sets up membrane bioreactor technology hub in Texas

Membrane bioreactor (MBR) services company M|MBR Systems has established an MBR Technology Hub (MBR Hub) in Austin, Texas, USA to make MBR parts, solutions and modular systems readily accessible to protect lakes, rivers, aquifers, and streams from damaging pollution.

M|MBR Systems' MBR Technology Hub.
M|MBR Systems' MBR Technology Hub. - Photo: Business Wire.

The Hub’s mission is to drive innovation, rapidly deploy modular MBR solutions, and provide compatible replacement parts for MBR plants.

The newly formed MBR Hub offers membrane technologies that are backward-compatible with most MBR systems regardless of existing membrane type or brand. It is delivering cutting-edge wastewater treatment products from local and global technology providers like Mann+Hummel, Toray Membrane USA, BluBox by Sciens and WTA Technologies.

M|MBR says it has created a more efficient conduit between MBR technology providers and end users. From the Hub, M|MBR can now rapidly design and ship membrane solutions in days or weeks. In contrast, traditional delivery methods, often segmented and dependent on overseas shipments, can take six months to a year or more.

“Owners and operators can’t afford to wait a year for MBR parts, they can’t be limited to one source for help, and they shouldn’t be stuck with less efficient, older products,” said Dennis Livingston, technical services director and co-founder of M|MBR Systems. “The MBR Technology Hub brings together global product leaders, system integrators and application experts, under one roof, to make this critical MBR technology more accessible through collaboration. We’re connecting global technology leaders to small businesses in Texas to do big things when it comes to protecting one of our most valuable resources: clean water.”

M|MBR has also expanded its partnership with Hi-Line Industries to create the Hub as a universal resource centre for MBR services, parts and modular solutions in Brenham, Texas.