Lydall Performance Materials launches filtration media series

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LyPore Defender-C, from Lydall, is an extension of the Lypore Defender filter media series. LyPore Defender-C combines the performance characteristics of the LyPore Defender series with a proprietary blend of fibres designed to dissipate electrostatic energy. The filter media contains no metals and eliminates the need for additives, after-treatments or continuous electrostatic oil cleaners. LyPore Defender-C conductive filter media is available in 3, 6, 10 and 20 micron efficiencies with acrylic latex binder or an optional high performance epoxy binder for expanded fluid compatibility and higher working temperatures. 

Stu Krupnick, market manager for Lydall's Fluid Power and Transportation Filtration Markets, said: “Due to the growing use of low conductivity synthetic oils by our customers, static discharge has become an increasing problem. Our customers have asked us for a filter media solution to eliminate damaging static discharge. That is exactly what LyPore Defender-C is designed to deliver. We are excited about this breakthrough in media design which addresses a long standing problem for our customers.”