LWR manure treatment system goes solar

Solar energy is now making it easier for farms to implement the manure treatment technology that is revolutionizing the livestock industry. Livestock Water Recycling’s Innovation Centre has just released the latest advancement in manure treatment technology which allows farmers the ability to power their LWR Manure Treatment System by solar energy.

With a commitment to R&D, and a strong desire to innovate, the LWR Innovation Centre is always looking to find ways to help livestock farmers become more efficient and sustainable. One of the ways to do that is to make it easier for them to install manure treatment technology. “With federal and state funding pushing the implementation of solar energy, it was clearly the right time to move this project forward” says Jenkins.


The Obama administration announced Wednesday morning a series of efforts worth more than $120 million aimed at boosting solar and other clean energy sources. The initiatives focus on the Department of Energy, where the bulk of the funding will go to programs to develop solar power technology and get it into homes, businesses and other facilities.

“President Obama and Vice President Biden are committed to promoting smart, simple, low-cost technologies to help America transition to cleaner and more distributed energy sources, help households save on their energy bills, and to address climate change,” the White House said in a fact sheet outlining the efforts.” All told, this funding will drive the development of affordable clean energy throughout the country,” it said.

California currently leads the solar market in the US, largely due to their supportive solar policies. As the first state to generate more than 5% of electricity from utility scale solar, there is enough solar energy installed in California to power 2,891,000 homes. In 2014 alone, $11.773 billion was invested on solar installations in California.