New York Farm installs manure treatment system

McCormick Farms, a 2,000-cow flush dairy and the largest potato grower in the state of New York, has installed a manure treatment system designed by Livestock Water Recycling, Inc. (LWR) at their Maxwell Road location in Bliss, NY. The system will recycle clean water and concentrate valuable nutrients from dairy manure for reuse around the farm.

Jim McCormick, president and CEO of the 68 year old family farm says “We take great pride in growing high quality agricultural products, promoting environmental sustainability and most importantly being a good neighbor.” He adds “We use the most modern farming techniques available to ensure the continuous success of our farm.”

“Our system generates a clean, reusable water source that will allow McCormick Farms the ability to recycle the majority of the water they are using in their barns,” says Ross Thurston, President of LWR. “They will now be able to flush their barns with an abundant and renewable source of clean water.”

All parts of the manure are reused as a valuable output, which is what differentiates the LWR System from any other manure management system on the market.