LiqTech secures its largest ever order

This order is the largest single order ever awarded to the company.

The system is based on LiqTech’s Ultra Filtration (UF) membranes and also includes pre-treatment and a de-watering unit to further reduce the amount of harmful waste water to be handled. It should be delivered this year to a European site, with final installation expected to be completed in the first half of 2016.

LiqTech CEO Sune Mathiesen said: “A major part of our business this year has been in applications that require the robustness of our filter. For example, applications for heavy metal removal from industrial wastewater and scrubber water systems for power plants and marine applications. This order is in the same family of some of our recent successes and we believe that the increased environmental focus around the world will create additional opportunities for our technology.

The customer ordered a pilot unit last year and after a successful 3 month trial the two companies entered into negotiations for the complete system.